At Acupanels International, we rely on sustainable materials to ensure that we help each other to take care of our common world. That is why our wood panels are produced from FSC™-certified wood so that we can guarantee that the product is produced under responsible and climate-conscious conditions and that it is not harmful to plant or animal life.


As no more timber is felled in FSC™ forests than the forest can reproduce, we actively support the efforts for sustainable forestry, and thus the maintenance of a healthy balance in the world's forests. 


Forest Stewardship Council™

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international nonprofit labeling scheme for sustainable wood and paper. FSC™ is a traceability certification to show where the tree can be traced back to the forest or controlled sources. The forest owner, sawmill, and manufacturer must all be certified and dealers must have a trademark license for the marketing of FSC™ products.  



If you have any further questions regarding our FSC™-certification or our focus on sustainability, please feel free to contact us.