Untreated Smoked Oak

Traditionally, oak smoking has been used as a way of darkening wood. Oak has a high content of tannic acid, giving it a warm glow, highlighting the texture and color differences of the material, and making the surface more durable


The panels are made using through-colored black MDF veneered with real wood and fixed to an acoustic felt backing. 



- Perfect for both homes and businesses

- Quick and easy to install

- Superior sound absorption

- Manufactured in Denmark



Black MDF / Black Felt


Size options

240 x 60 x 2 cm
300 x 60 x 2 cm


Acoustic properties

Acupanels break straight surfaces and significantly improve room acoustics. The panels are measured to reduce the acoustics up to 50% in the room they are set up in.

This gives you a comfortable and quieter sounding environment commercially or at home.


Easy to assemble

The acoustic panels are delivered in pre-built modules, which make it simple and easy to mount them on the ceiling, walls, or wherever you require acoustic sound absorption or a stylish visual feature.


Watch our installation video