Finishing accessories

At Acupanels International we offer all the finishing accessories you need to install your panels.


Mounting Screws:

Our mounting screws are available in black and grey, which allows you to choose the same color as the felt of your panel. In that way, the screws blend into the felt and become less noticeable.

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Maintenance oil:

Your all-natural untreated wood veneer panels are great as they are, but using our specialty crafted oils made for wood will help maintain the glow and natural beauty in your wood paneling.


With our selection of color oils, you can give your wood veneers a subtle change in color to help showcase your panels to match the esthetics of your office or home. The oils are available in the following variants:



 Natural Oil - 0,25 l or 0,5 l


White Oil - 0,25 l or 0,5 l


Antique Oil - 0,25 l or 0,5 l


Grey Oil - 0,25 l or 0,5 l


Black Oil - 0,25 l or 0,5 l