Many modern buildings suffer from bad acoustics due to the many straight surfaces, reflecting the sound and reverberating even when speaking. Our acoustic panels are made of wooden slats on top of a specially developed thicker acoustic felt.


By using our acoustic panels you break the straight surfaces and significantly improve room acoustics. The panels are measured to be able to attenuate the acoustics up to 50% in the room in which they are installed. This gives you a more comfortable and quieter-sounding environment.



The acoustic panels can be ordered in multiple types of wood, such as oak, ash, walnut, smoked oak, and in 20 different linoleum colors.



All our wood panels are FSC™ certified, which means that you can enjoy your newly paneled room knowing that your panels are ethically and sustainably made.


You can read more about our FSC™ certification here.



Check out our variety of panels:


Wood 2400 x 600 mm


Wood 3000 x 600 mm


Wood 3600 x 600 mm


Linoleum 2400 x 600 mm


Linoleum 3000 x 600 mm


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