• Traditional craftsmanship with versatile functional style
    Scandinavian design for your walls or ceiling with sound reducing qualities
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  • Significantly improves room acoustics
    Beautifully crafted panels with the capability of reducing noise by up to 50%
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  • Simple and beautiful multifunctional style
    These adaptable acoustic panels can be installed onto walls, ceilings and other straight surfaces
  • Constructed with environmentally friendly sustainable materials
    Our untreated wood panels are Danish made using FSC®-certified materials

Sound-absorbing ceilings and wall panelling made in beautiful Scandinavian design

Acupanels International is a leading-edge FSC®-certified sustainable acoustic paneling manufacturer.

Engineered to be easy to install, handcrafted paneling allows you to simply revitalize and improve your home, office, or business area.


These state-of-the-art noise-absorbing acoustic panels can reduce the noise levels by up to 50%, creating a calming component wherever they are installed.


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At Acupanels International our beautifully designed wood panels are made with high-quality sound-absorbing properties. The panels are quick and easy to mount on walls and ceilings and are available for use in private homes or a commercial environment.


Our acoustic wall panels are made with simple, clean, and functional Danish design and quality. 

With an FSC®-certification on all our wood panels, we ensure that the product was manufactured using sustainably sourced materials and practices. 


Manufactured in Denmark

 Easy and quick installation 

 Superior sound-absorption

FSC-certified wood




Take a look at some of the beautiful results that can be achieved using wood acoustic panels from Acupanels International